Dr Murat Acar


Rehabilitation Medicine Physician


Murat completed his undergraduate Medical Degree at the University of Sydney in 1993.

Choosing the emergent medical specialty, Rehabilitation Medicine, to focus his interest on helping patients with disability, he completed his training in the major teaching hospitals of Westmead and Concord Hospitals and wider Sydney. His training in the Brain Injury Unit of Westmead developed his knowledge and experience in the complex management of people with cognitive and physical impairments arising from traumatic brain injury.

Dr Acar has worked in a variety of settings: hospitals, private practice and outpatient medical centres. By coordinating and implementing various allied medical services, Murat enables his patients to meet the challenges in their recovery and to achieve maximum outcome.

Since 2001, Murat has practised as a Rehabilitation Physician at the reputable Mt Wilga Private Hospital—a hospital renowned for its comprehensive rehabilitation services since its establishment as a Commonwealth Government facility in 1953 to its present management under the Ramsay Health Care group.

Through his private practice, he offers rehabilitation management of disabilities associated with stroke, brain tumours, multiple sclerosis, paraplegia, spinal surgery, heart surgery, joint replacement surgery and orthopaedic trauma, as well as conditions which generally affect overall participation in daily life activities.

In the outpatient medical centre setting, Dr Acar offers management of degenerative conditions such as arthritis, work and motor vehicle injuries.

Murat has accreditation to provide comprehensive medicolegal reports for the purpose of legal proceedings, including objective whole person impairment assessments across the jurisdiction of Work Cover and Motor Accidents Authority.

Dr Acar has also had responsibilities in the Medical Advisory Committees of various rehabilitation hospitals, including the Chair of the Medical Advisory Committee of Mt Wilga Private Hospital.

He has had additional responsibilities in the functions of the Australasian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine, the peak body responsible for the training of Rehabilitation Physicians, including New Fellow Representative of the Board of Censors and Member of the Board of Examiners.


Dr Acar provides the medical direction of multidisciplinary rehabilitation services. This service is usually provided within the setting of a multidisciplinary inpatient or outpatient program.

Referrals to the inpatient rehabilitation services are mainly from other private and public acute hospitals throughout Sydney, but also directly from the community via general practitioners and other specialists.

His outpatient consulting rooms are in the Specialist Medical Consulting Rooms of Mt Wilga Private Hospital.

The conditions commonly managed by Dr Acar include:

  • Neurological Rehabilitation
  • Orthopaedic Rehabilitation
  • Musculoskeletal rehabilitation
  • Conservative management of Spinal Pain
  • Injury rehabilitation, such as work and car accidents
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Respiratory Rehabilitation
  • Rehabilitation of people who are deconditioned after an illness or injury
  • Rehabilitation of the older person after injury, illness, or surgery
  • Amputee rehabilitation

Dr Acar provides an assessment and impartial direction about their rehabilitation requirements for people seeking such direction through the consulting rooms of Mt Wilga Private Hospital.

Dr Acar is accredited at a multitude of private acute and subacute hospitals in Northwestern Sydney to provide consultations at these facilities on an as needed basis.

For general information about Dr Acar’s other services please contact him via the contact links on this website.


Mt Wilga Private Hospital
66 Rosamond St
Hornsby NSW 2077
Tel: (02) 9847 5000
For appointments call Medical Consulting Rooms on
(02) 9847 5016


Lakeview Private Hospital
17-19 Solent Circuit
Baulkham Hills NSW 2153
Tel: (02) 8624 5000
For enquires call Reception Level 2 Rehab Ward on
(02) 8711 0247